Want Bigger Profits? Then You Need To Get These Texas Holdem Software Tools!

Tools come in different categories, with some better suited to players learning the game, and others better for the more serious poker grinders. Top of your list should be a ‘HUD’ or ‘heads-up-display’ tool. These collect and show stats on your opponent’s tendencies, right on the screen. This takes the guesswork out of assigning hand ranges, assessing how bluffy they are and knowing how often they will fold to your bets. I can’t stress how much more profit you will make with one of these tools, they can literally transform your game.

There are two ways of getting hold of a HUD software package for free. The first one is at the US Friendly Carbon Poker. The second offer is a free copy of Holdem Manager 2 Pro (one of the best out there). This is a non-US only deal at the cool Red Kings Poker.

Free HUD Software At The US Friendly Carbon Poker

HUD software for free at Carbon PokerWhen you consider that this type of software costs around $100, the bespoke package offered by the Merge Network’s biggest site Carbon Poker looks like a great deal.

This is part of your first deposit package, which includes a 200% deposit match and 1 month of pro training at video coaching site ‘Drag The Bar’.

The HUD will collect stats on your opponents, and will also track your own hands and keep these in a database. This means that you can go through your own hand histories after you play and find ‘leaks’ and situations where you could have got more value from the hand. This software is only compatible with Carbon’s excellent software. You can read more about this cool site in my unique Carbon Texas Holdem themed review.

Grab Your Free HUD At www.carbonpoker.ag While This Great Offer Lasts!

Holdem Manager Pro For Free At Red Kings Poker (Non-US)

You can get a free copy of the best commercially available HUD software tool at OnGame’s Red Kings Poker. Holdem Manager 2 Pro can be yours as part of your welcome bonus package.

This is the ultimate HUD, and includes add-ons and functionality that will improve your game every time you open it up. Those configurable stats are your key to quickly identifying the fish in any game, and you’ll be given info on the best way to relieve them of their chips too.

Red Kings are an established part of the cool OnGame Network – they were pioneers in mobile poker as well as having a robust desktop client. The games here are friendly, profitable and fun. You will even get an additional $300 bonus the first time you are dealt the two red kings in a real money cash game!

To get your free HUD, click the promotions tab on the homepage, then the ‘Holdem Manager 2’ link at the bottom of the left hand side. Hurry, this offer is way too good to last for long!! Check out Red Kings Poker for yourself now!

free HM 2 Pro at red kings 2014

Texas Holdem Poker Tools For New Players

Having a software tool guide you while you learn to beat the games lets you grow your bankroll while you get to know the tricks.

There are software packages which act as ‘advice engines’ reading the cards from the screen, calculating the odds and outs information and using the known tendencies of your opponents to suggest the most profitable course of action.

For Texas Holdem money games: Holdem Indicator is a fantastic choice. This one attaches to the table and gives your opponent avatars like ‘Rock’, ‘Fish’ and ‘Shark’. The output is just ‘advice’ and the software does not play for you. This keeps things legal and on the approved list of the big sites including PokerStars. You can read my review here.

I wish this was around when I first learned the game, it would have saved me a lot of buy-ins while I learned the strategy! Check out the cool Holdem Indicator now, and stop leaking cash!

Tournament Software Tools: There is an Indicator which has been specially adapted for tournament play, based on the infamous ‘M’ score of Dan Harrington. This has all the low-blind level reads and advice, and also makes sure your ‘push / fold’ late game is mathematically sound – check out the Tournament Indicator website for more here.

Omaha Software Tools: For fans of the 4-card game, Omaha Indicator should be your top choice.

best texas holdem tools omaha indicator pic

Texas Holdem Poker Tools Which Show You Winners / Losers

Knowing the history of your opponents, and whether they are winners or losers overall makes a big difference to your decision making process in-game.

You need to be careful here, some tracking ‘datamining’ services have fallen foul of the poker sites and are illegal for use in the games (though there is nothing to stop you using them afterwards). One which you will find on the PokerStars approved list (the toughest list of all to get on!), is from the amazing Poker Pro Labs. Top Shark / Tournament Shark (or even the combined Super-HUD) will give you the info you need to avoid the pros and crush the fish – check out the Poker Pro Labs website for the cutting edge of poker innovations.

If you do not mind going a little grey-hat, then you can buy yourself a seriously powerful edge for a small monthly fee with Poker-Edge 5... just do not tell the poker sites you are using it!