What Is The Most Profitable Form Of Poker?

Cash or SNGs? Omaha or Texas Holdem? Heads-Up Or 6-Max? We Examine The Question Of Which Is The Most Profitable Poker Variation To Help You Make The Right Choice.

which is the most profitable form of pokerMost poker players of today start with Texas Holdem in either Limit or No-Limit format. Those same players often try sit and goes and multi-table tournaments next, then cash game tables of various sizes and maybe dabble in other poker variations before asking themselves the critical question: Which form of poker is the most profitable for me??

This article looks at the various options to help you make the right individual choice… We look at the question of which form of poker is the most profitable in 3 separate ways, before bringing them together at the end. Firstly your monetary objectives in the short term compared to your long-term plans are looked at. Secondly your individual style of play and preferences. Third your attitude to risk and natural variance within the game. Our conclusion is both simple and powerful, and is best understood in the context of the 3 questions below.

Which Is The Most Profitable Form Of Poker #1 – Monetary Objectives

While long-term gain is the objective of all of us, is we are honest about why we want to know which format of poker brings the best profits it is because we would like to see our bankrolls grow right now. With this in mind we can look at some of the poker variations from the viewpoint of generating a fast profit.

SNG Tournaments are a powerful bankroll builder for a key reason, the relatively formulaic decision making means it is possible to play a lot more tables than in cash games. This allows experts in this form of the game to grind out a bankroll by playing the percentages and exploiting bubble errors made by less experienced opponents.

Multi-Table tournaments attract big fields of inexperienced players at most sites. The issue with this format for fast profits is that you might wait a long time for that final table which gives you a nicely positive return on your investment. This article covers how to win your first poker tournament from a beginners perspective.

Cash Games, particularly Texas Holdem offer a great balance between variance and profits, as long as you play in a disciplined manner (no stacking off constantly with top pair hands for example) then this should be the best way to meet your short-term objective. One key advantage of cash games is that the profit potential is unlimited, whereas with SNGs you will reach levels where the games do not start so often at the highest limits.

Which Is The Most Profitable Form Of Poker #2 – Your Style!

A key question, you may actually be more profitable at Limit Holdem (for example) but find the grind so dull that the pleasure of winning becomes meaningless. You may love Pot-Limit Omaha, but the more complex hand-reading skills required might stop you playing so many tables simultaneously. You may enjoy the heads-up game, but actually make more money at 6-max – and so on.

Our recommendation is that you find a balance between the form of poker which you enjoy the most and profitability. This ensures you are making a profit long-term, and not finding excuses to avoid the games.

Which Is The Most Profitable Form Of Poker #3 – Risk And Bankroll

which poker game should I chooseWhichever variation you choose it is vital that you maintain a healthy bankroll for those games, no poker player can maximize their profit potential while playing with ‘nervous money’. Your personal attitude to risk is important, if your play deteriorates after losing a couple of buy-ins then the big swings inherent in Omaha may not be for you (the opposite is also true, PLO is very profitable for players with a keen eye and no fear!).

Which Is The Most Profitable Form Of Poker – Conclusion And Final Thoughts.

If you are looking to balance short-term profits with long-term potential there is little doubt that No-Limit Holdem cash games are the way to go. 6-max allows you to profit from superior post flop skills and is more ‘action heavy’ while full-ring is great for those with a more ‘tight-aggressive’ style.

There are two key factors that really count when considering the most profitable form of poker. These are:

1 – The best form of the game is almost always the one you enjoy the most, since this avoids building a bankroll becoming a chore.

2 – There are far more profits to be made seeking out the weakest opponents than by switching game! Many sites are known only by poker players and have armies of small stakes pros, while others are linked to big sports betting networks and are full of fish... Simply playing where the recreational crowd hangs out can and will improve your profits dramatically. See my article on where to find the softest Texas Holdem games for more.

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