Think Big! 5 Ways To Turn $5 Into $10k+ At The Poker Tables In 2015

Big Prizes In Online Poker Games 2015

win big from poker in 2014!There are several different ways poker players can turn a small outlay into a big prize of $10,000, $50,000 or even more in online poker. This article covers some of the best ways of doing this in 2012. One thing is for certain – if you are not in the game, you have no chance at all of walking away with some BIG sums of money.

Big Prize Online Poker Games #1 - Titan Jackpot Sit N Goes

These are 1-table tournaments where winning 5 or 6 in a row will win you a jackpot of up to $50,000. The jackpots are progressive too – going up every week that someone does not win these huge prizes. There are 4 levels within this game, starting at $2.40c entry and going up to $59. A lot of 'gamblers' are attracted to the jackpot Sit N Go tables, which keeps the games very easy to beat – especially for those with some poker experience or strategy knowledge.

You can claim a special bonus while you check out these profitable games, a 200% matched welcome bonus up to $2k + $20 in free cash deposited to your account within 48 hours. Simply use Titan Poker bonus code PBCLUB when you register your account. Click here to check out the awesome jackpot SNGs now!

Big Prize Online Poker Games #2 – Bad Beat Jackpots

These jackpots are awarded when you get beaten holding quad-8's or better at a designated table. These prizes can often reach several hundred thousand dollars, potentially changing the lives of the winners.

Bad Beat Jackpots used to feature at a lot of sites, but one-by-one they have disappeared over the years. In 2015 you can still find one at America's Card Room on the US friendly Winning Poker Network. The network itself may be medium sized, but the jackpots still manage to get pretty big!

Big Prize Online Poker Games #3 – Online Satellite Qualifiers

Satellites are simply poker tournaments which award places in bigger buy-in tournaments instead of paying out cash prizes. These can range from awarding seats in the prestigious World Series Of Poker to a $11 ticket to an online tournament. Satellite qualifiers are a great way of turning a small buy-in into that big prize. Imagine winning a seat in the 'Sunday Million' for just $3 and then winning the $200k+ 1st place prize there – now that is what I call a potentially big prize for a small outlay. You can find these qualifiers over at the world's biggest poker site – (use Marketing Code PSP3108 when you register. and bonus code STARS600 when you deposit for your 3 100% matched welcome bonuses!)

Side Note: Qualifier tickets to online events can be swapped for 'Tournament Dollars' or T$. These can be used to enter any tournament or Sit N Go and can be split between many smaller buy-ins. This is great for small stakes players. Those Sunday Million satellites are very soft, and you can stock up on T$ to keep your regular schedule full by unsubscribing from the million itself.

Big Prize Online Poker Games #4 – Steps Sit N Go Tournaments

The idea here is that you join a 1-table tournament where the top two places award a ticket to the next level up games. As you win your way through the levels the prizes get increasingly bigger. Depending on the poker site at which you are playing, the final prizes can be a ticket to a live poker event – or big cash payouts. What I like about this format of game is that places 3 and 4 often give you a 'try again' ticket to your current buy-in level… so you get a lot of play for your money. Party Poker were the first site to offer Steps SNGs and they are still the easiest you will find online. So claim your bonus with bonus code PBCLUB, and check out the soft Steps games at Party Now!

Big Prize Online Poker Games #5 - Big Field Multi-Table Tournaments

At some of the bigger sites you will find multi-table tournaments with huge guaranteed prize pools (often $50,000+) and small buy-ins. For example, some of the $5+rebuy games at Pokerstars pay more than $10,000 for 1st place. With 1000's of opponents you will need your share of luck – though having said that a lot of players get paid smaller amounts in these games. One thing is for sure, every time these games run – someone gets that huge prize. Check out the generous tournament guarantees at for yourself now.

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