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Bigger Profits Come From The Softest Texas Holdem Games – Here Is How You Can Find Them

softest texas holdem gamesWhy play against experienced ‘grinders’ when there are tables full of novices and fish waiting for you to relieve them of their cash!

Texas Holdem games show huge differences across different poker sites. Some sites are full of small stakes pros who are playing 12 tables each and eeking out a small profit from each game. Other sites are more recreational in nature, with regular people who play a bit of poker to relax. The games are like night and day. Some are tight, dull and hard to profit from – others are friendly, wild and very profitable indeed. I know which I prefer!!

Here is how to find the softest Texas Holdem games online.

First I’ll look at the poker sites, and show you what makes the difference between them. After that I some quick notes on how to find the softest tables.

Softest Texas Holdem Games Online – Characteristics Of Softer Sites

The first thing to look for are poker sites which combine sports-betting, casino games and online poker under one big brand. US examples are Bovada and Carbon. Worldwide there are brands like Betfair and 888 who fit this criteria.

When you consider the makeup of people playing poker, you want a mix of first-timers, recreational players and people who see poker as just another form of gambling entertainment. It only takes one or two people in each game to cross over from the sports betting to liven up the whole table.

Consider the opposite – sites that specialize in poker. Sure, experienced poker players know all about them, and may appreciate the games too. Players from outside of the game will not know about these sites until after they have gained some experience playing elsewhere and started to take the game more seriously… This means you have a better quality of player, on average, at sites like PokerStars which specialize in poker only.

TV adverts are another key factor in finding the softest Texas Holdem games online. Those sites you see on late night TV ads are going to attract more players from outside the game. Conversely, those who sponsor only poker events are trying to attract players from within the game, and are likely to host tougher games.

Third, policies which deliberately keep the ratio of ‘grinders’ to novices low are worth looking out for. Bovada are at the forefront here, with anonymous tables which prevent tracking software and a max of 4 cash games at once. For non-US players Red Kings stand out thanks to their policy of giving lower rewards to winning grinders over time (known as ‘essence’).

When it comes to soft sites here are my top picks for US and worldwide players:

USA: Bovada win hands-down, they go out of their way to be recreational-player friendly, check out for more.

Non-US: 888 Have massive cross-over from their huge casino, and target recreational players with their promos and special offers. You can get up to $88 free there to try out the games too! for more

Once You Select Your Site – Now Find The Softest Tables

Finding the softest site is a great step, my estimate is that you could be as much as 50% more profitable just by doing this.

The next step is to find the best games to sit in, and here we need to look at the statistics displayed in the list of tables in the lobby.

You will find two key pieces of information. First a ‘Percentage to Flop’ number, which can be anything from 7% to around 50%, this is the average number of players who are seeing the flop. In addition there is an ‘Average Pot Size’ figure. If you can find a high % to flop and a high pot size combined, then you have likely found a crazy game!

Check the table, reserve your seat and watch a couple of hands. If the game is good then you can sit into the game and start taking their money. If the action is driven by one player who goes broke and leaves, then you might need to reassess.

This simple trick to finding the best games can give your profit a welcome extra boost!

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