Safest Online Poker Sites

Before You Deposit – Make Sure Your Poker Site Passes The Safety Test!

which poker sites are safe?While the scandals make the headlines, fortunately most online poker sites are very safe to use. This article is for players who would like to feel that little bit more confident in their choice of where to play before depositing. There are several factors which make some sites safer than others which I will cover here – along with my recommendation for the safest site of all.

The areas to consider when deciding which poker site is safest are; the length of time they have been in business, whether their owners are listed on global stock exchanges, the number of deposit and withdrawal methods used and their reputation on online forums and blogs. Of course, even with all these in place you will need to see a great selection of games and top bonus offers!

Safest Online Poker Sites – How Long Has Your Site Been Around?

This is the first question I ask when assessing whether it is safe to play at any online poker site. If they are brand new and untested, then you are always going to be taking a bigger risk compared to sites which have been around for 6+ years. The same logic applies to sites who have changed network or owners along the way. This often goes alongside reneging on bonus deals, especially those through affiliates / rakeback providers.

Safest Online Poker Sites – Are They Listed On A Global Stock Exchange?

Many poker sites are public companies. BwinParty, 888 and PlayTech (who run iPoker) all fit this category. Listing in London means that these companies are subject to stricter financial controls and reporting requirements than privately owned counterparts. Things like liquidity of funds and separate handling of player balances and operational costs will be far better managed. This will give you that extra peace of mind – especially compared to offshore sites whose ownership is hidden behind several shell companies.

Safest Online Poker Sites – Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

Many of the biggest payment services will only work with poker sites who are licensed and have a great track record of on-time payments. Approval is needed for Visa, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and many others. If your poker site offers only a small number of ‘non-standard’ deposit methods, then this could well be a warning sign.

Safest Online Poker Sites – Check Their Reputation On Forums And Blogs

Some sites mess their players around to the extent that there is a backlash online. Lock Poker are a great example, with cashouts taking many months. Unfortunately, there are also bad players who will blame just about every poker site for their losses – so searching Google will bring up a lot of results. Look for reputable sources like the 2+2 Forums, or the big established news sources rather than believing blogspot blogs. Remember to look for positive feedback too!

While any one of these factors alone could raise a red flag as far as the safety of a site is concerned, when taken together they become a much stronger indicator. For example, many sites have successfully operated offshore for many years, and do not have a stock exchange listing or huge list of deposit options. The US-friendly Carbon Poker are a great example of this type of site.

If I had to choose one single ‘safest site of all’ it would be 888 Poker. This brand has been around for more than 10 years, are listed in London, have all the deposit methods and have a reputation for quick cash-outs and fair play. They aim many of their promotions at recreational type players too, which keeps the games nice and easy!

888 are offering up to $88 upfront with no deposit required to new players (first $8 to start with, then an extra $8 each time you hit a points target). Check out for yourself now and see how cool a reputable poker site can be!

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