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US Texas Holdem Sites

Real Money Texas Holdem For US Players

US Texas Holdem OnlineWhile we wait for the States to get their own legal poker sites up and running, there are some excellent places to play real money Texas Holdem – based offshore.

Big names like Bodog (under their US brand Bovada), Carbon Poker and Lock are still vying for your business. These sites are growing fast. While not in the same category as the old sites pre black-Friday, they are now hitting a solid ‘medium-sized’ and are offering some juicy games and tournaments with a wide range of buy-in levels.

Depositing and withdrawing are key to enjoying the new breed of real money US Texas Holdem poker sites. Many potential players are surprised to learn that credit cards work great at these sites. Visa is your best choice, with MasterCard also accepted. If these cards will not go through, then your next stop is your local Western Union office. The ‘Rapid Pay’ cash transfer system is very reliable, and you can withdraw winnings using this system too.

Bovada are currently the biggest US friendly poker site, with peaks fast approaching 10k simultaneous players. Carbon Poker are the flagship of the Merge Network, which are the second placed site, 7k peaks are seen there. Next we have Amerca’s cardroom on the Winning Poker Network – and then Lock, who recently became a stand-alone site and are still facing issues with cashing out player withdrawals.

Real Money Texas Holdem For US Players – Top Pick – Bovada.lv

Bovada did not reach the number one spot for US sites by chance. They have policies which make them stand out from the crowd, and have a fantastic track record for Visa-Card deposits too.

What you’ll notice here is that the focus is on recreational and occasional players – rather than the geeks who play many tables all day long to eek out a profit. By keeping away the pro-grinder’s software tools (by making play anonymous) and restricting simultaneous tables to 4 – Bovada.lv made their games loose, fast and easy. This has already attracted people who enjoy Texas Holdem in their leisure time from all over the US. When you add in the cool promos (anonymous poker series, golden spade open and more) then you’ll see why this site has grown to become the US number 1.

You’ll be able to play fast-fold poker format at Bovada.lv. This is called Zone Poker, and is up to 4 times faster than regular games. I recommend you check this one out, just be prepared for some crazy action!

One last thing which makes Bovada the top pick for US readers. They are famous for their sports-betting website. Many players naturally find this first, and then see the poker site link from there. This means a lot of people are discovering poker strategy for the first time, making the games even looser than the recreational feel of this site would make them be.

Profitable games, great promos and big-brand security – check out the #1 US Texas Holdem Poker site for yourself now at www.bovada.lv

Real Money Texas Holdem for US Players – Cool Alternate – Carbon Poker

There are a lot of good things going for the Merge Network and their flagship site, Carbon Poker. I expect this outfit to give Bovada a big run for their money in as we go through 2015.

What I like about this site is the software, which is easily the best of any US site offering real money Texas Holdem games. You should check out the animations which players can trigger from the tables. There make the games more fun, and as I am sure Killer Holdem readers will know, fun games == profitable games!

Carbon offer you a unique welcome package. In addition to your 200% matched welcome bonus, you will receive a free downloadable ‘Heads-Up-Display’ software tool which creates a database of hands on your opponents as you play them and overlays statistics on your screen. In addition you can spend 1 ‘carbon point’ to receive a complimentary month of poker training from pro video training site ‘Drag The Bar’.

Tournament fans will enjoy the regular events here. These include ‘Poker Maximus’, which guarantees $3 million in prizes each time it runs – and the smaller turbo version ‘Turbo Ops’ which focuses on extra-fast tournaments.

carbon, cool us holdem gamesCool software, a generous welcome package and big choice of games… add to this combo the daily cash-back rewards and you have a serious contender! Check out the cool www.carbonpoker.ag now!

Real Money Texas Holdem For US Players – The Rest

There are several more sites offering NL Holdem games which are open to US players. These are smaller outfits, and each have their unique selling points. Lock Poker on the revolution network have built a following, and specialize in cash games. Their cashouts have been reported as slow so I have decided not to recommend them until things are resolved, however this site are endorsed by many online poker pros.

America’s Cardroom rose from the ashes of ‘Doyle’s Room’ and are the biggest site on the Winning Poker Network. Other than the occasional big tournament, there is nothing at this site that both Bovada and Carbon do not already do a lot better.

BetOnline are my last mention, their outfit is very small, though it does benefit from a lot of recreational traffic coming via their sports-book. Again, there is nothing here that would make me leave the ‘big 2’.

Best Real Money Texas Holdem For US Players – Bovada.lv

For my money, Bovada deserve their number 1 rating. Soft games, a huge choice and those famous Bodog-brand perks and promotions make this a must-see.

Check out Bovada.lv for yourself now!

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