Fast-Fold Holdem Games

Which Is The Best Site For Fast-Fold Texas Holdem Games?

zoom fast fold buttonFast-Fold poker was first introduced by Full Tilt back in 2011. The idea is simple, fun, and has now been replicated by most of the major poker sites. This article explains how fast-fold poker works, and then the best places to play it. For US readers, there is currently only Bovada offering these games, worldwide you have a wide choice – though some are very shark-infested already!

Fast-Fold Poker – How It Works

Instead of joining a table, you join a pool of players at your buy-in level / table size. Each hand is played with a new set of players from your pool. You are simply combined with ‘free’ players over and over again as soon as you hit the fold button. Since you are not waiting for other players to finish their betting, there is very little ‘dead time’ when you are not involved in the action.

The real ‘killer app’ in fast-fold poker is the ability to fold before the action gets to you. If you are in later position with a junk hand, and the early position players take their time, you can fold without letting the others at your table know. Once the action reaches you, your hand will be folded – meanwhile you have been involved in a new hand.

Fast-fold and pooled players together make this game significantly faster than a normal game. You’ll average around 3 times faster, though 4 times is possible with tight play. At some sites you can also play tournaments in this format. These revert to a more standard setup for the final table.

If you want to increase the intensity a little – why not join your pool multiple times!

Fast-Fold Holdem – Best Sites, Balancing Choice With The Experience Level Of Opponents

how fast fold poker worksI’ll start with Bovada, who is the only site offering this game for US players. After this the biggest site (PokerStars) and their giant choice. Next, where you can find the softest games in this category, over at iPoker’s Titan Poker. Finally a quick summary of the other places you can play fast-fold, including the originator of this format – Full Tilt.

#1 – US Fast Fold Poker –

Bovada are the US friendly part of the worldwide Bodog brand. They are the only US friendly site offering Fast-fold – and their game has a major difference to other sites.

Zone Poker is played anonymously. Instead of a screen name that follows you around, you play incognito – which protects you from the tracking software used by grinders. At the moment only smaller buy-in levels are available, and the game is crazy. With more than 90% of the players at Bovada recreational / amateur players rather than poker pros, you’ll find it super-easy to beat the games here. are now the single biggest US friendly site, and they accept credit card deposits too – check out this cool fast-fold poker game for yourself now at

#2 – The Biggest Fast-Fold Game Around – PokerStars’ Zoom Poker

This is the biggest and the smoothest running fastfold game online. Zoom Poker takes this format to a whole new level, with pools of 700 players at the lower to mid-limits and games up to $2.50c / $5 blinds ($500 buy-in) regularly attracting dozens of players. Most of the action is on the Texas Holdem tables, with Omaha and Omaha hi-lo busy too. You can also play tournaments in Zoom format.

One caveat – While this is the biggest and best game of it’s type, it does have a bigger proportion of grinders. Small stakes pros who stay super-tight and make a small hourly rate from each game are more prevalent at PokerStars than most other sites… It is where players who are good at poker tend to end up playing!

That out of the way, you can still make a good profit in these games. When you add this to the PokerStars VIP loyalty scheme you can see how easy it is to build yourself a nice poker bankroll.

If you have not yet discovered PokerStars, then check them out – use PokerStars marketing code PSP3108 when you register, and claim up to 3 separate welcome bonuses with bonus code STARS600! Check out now!

zoom fast fold at pokerstars

#3 – Easiest Fast-Fold Poker Games – Titan Poker’s ‘Speed Holdem’

If profitable games are your goal, then look no further than the 2nd largest poker site the iPoker Network, and their biggest member Titan Poker.

The fast-fold game here is called ‘Speed Holdem’ and it is super-loose compared to other sites. The secret here is that iPoker provide the poker back-end for many big betting brands, like Betfair and William Hill. This means that your opponents are just regular people who start like to bet on sports, and not pasty poker math geeks playing 12 games at once.

Most of the action is at the lower levels at Titan, though you do get the occasional mid-stakes pool forming.

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Check out the super-loose fast-fold poker at now!

#4 – Other Sites Offering Fast-Fold Poker

I should mention Full Tilt Poker first here. This site pioneered the format, and still offer their famous ‘Rush Poker’ games. Tournaments in Rush format run all the time, thanks to their ‘on demand’ format, these are great games which make a nice change-up from normal tournaments.

Party have fast-fold poker game called Fast-Forward, which is loose and wild! One hidden gem is at Red Kings Poker on the cool OnGame network, this is called Strobe Poker and has smaller games which are very profitable. There are others, for example Unibet and Terminal Poker both have niche variations on this theme.

Fast-Fold Poker Strategy Tips For New Players

strategy tips fast fold pokerBelow are some strategy tips for players who are just getting started in this format. There are two key factors which affect your strategy. First the games are tighter than normal cash games. Second, there is less opportunity to get ‘reads’ on your opponents.

Strategy Tip #1 – Stay Tight

Since is it very easy to fold junk hands and simply start another hand immediately, most players do just that. This means you will see stronger hands at showdown than in a normal cash game. You could try and fight this by loosening up. However, you’ll be up against strong hands so often that this will be a tough way to make money. Stay tight!

Strategy Tip #2 – Set Mine

If your opponents are waiting for strong hands, they are less likely to want to fold them after the flop. This means hitting a hidden set can be very profitable. Small to mid-pairs can be used to semi-bluff where you had the betting lead before the flop too… If you meet resistance and you miss your set, just quietly fold and move on with the next hands.

Strategy Tip #3 – Take Notes

Many players think they have a ‘mechanical strategy’ which can beat these games. They are mostly very wrong. If you see someone who raises a lot (min-raises for example) or bets out certain amounts on the flop with one type of hand, and a different amount with draws (again, just an example), then take notes. Since these players will not usually be watching you, it is possible to totally own someone without them ever realizing it just from a few extra notes.

Strategy Tip #4 – Watch The Small Blind

The player in the small blind can fold immediately at the start of a hand. When this player stays in, and particularly if they re-raise, this is a big clue that he has a monster!

Strategy Tips #5 – Tool Up

You’ll be amazed how quickly tools like Holdem Manager 2 pick up enough hands on an opponent to give you useable information. This is displayed right next to their on-screen avatar, and will show you how many hands are being played, how aggressively and how often your opponents fold to re-raises. Amazing information which can let you accumulate chips all day long, see the Holdem Manager Website for more information.

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