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Hi, I'm Mark (aka 'Planet Mark'), former poker pro turned coach and gambling business insider. This site is one of many in my portfolio and is aimed specifically at Texas Holdem fans who are looking to improve their game or find the best possible deals.

The information on this page is important, and it is equally important that you leave the site if you do not agree with any of these. Before I get started, if you suspect you have any problem with gambling, or know someone who does then you should contact gambleaware now.

This site is owned by my company, Planet Corporation KFT, which is located in Budapest, Hungary. You'll find contact details below the site terms.

Killer Holdem Terms Of Use:

Privacy of Data

Planet Corporation will never sell or share your personal data including e-mail address data gathered through our newsletter signup.


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Waiver of Liability

Planet Corporation will endeavor to ensure that content is accurate and up to date. However we make no representations about the fitness for purpose of any of the material, products or services covered here. This expressly includes bonus and promotional offers available through our partner poker rooms. By using any information contained in this website or taking up any offer you expressly agree that Planet Corporation shall not be held liable for direct or indirect losses however incurred.

Disclosure Of Beneficial Payments

Planet Corporation receive financial compensation from poker site operators when readers click our links or banners, or in some cases use our bonus (coupon / referral) codes and become a real-money player at one or more poker sites.

Planet Corporation receive financial compensation from poker software resellers when readers click our links or banners and go on to purchase poker software tools or services.

Corporate Structure And Governance

Our organization is set up as a limited liability company based in Budapest, Hungary called ‘Planet Corporation Kft’ (the Kft being the equivalent of LLC or LTD in other geos). This company is owned by Mark Holland and Erika Mezo and is registered at the following address:

Planet Corporation Kft, Retek u. 21-17/a 2/6, H-1024, Budapest, Hungary

Planet Corporation Kft is responsible for running the day to day operations of the company. However, many domains, written content, code and graphics and any other assets are separately owned by Mark Holland outside of this company structure.

Any questions on our terms of use can be sent to Mark at support@sngplanet.com

Legality Of Online Poker

The legal status of online poker varies considerably in different countries, provinces and individual states. It is the responsibility of readers to ascertain the legality of playing poker in their own jurisdiction. Planet Corporation Kft explicitly state that all materials are provided for entertainment purposes only.

Advertisers / Webmasters Notices - Please Read Carefully Before Mailing


OK, I'll start with webmasters... I work with many people in the industry and appreciate the openess and willingness to help of those in an otherwise extra-competitive field. At the same time there are a lot of shady characters out there, a lot of mass-mails and a lot of people who think they 'know the business' but actually have no clue... with this in mind:

- If you ask me for a link exchange or any associated scheme I will mark your e-mail as spam and block you as a sender.

- If you 'cold' mail me generic crap about guest posts or articles I will mark your e-mail as spam and block you as a sender.

- If you offer me some service then you had better make sure it is personalized for me above and beyond the <Insert URL>... or...yep, you guessed it.

So, feel free to get in touch, relationships are key to success in this industry - you can reach me on support@sngplanet.com - but please, don't try and sell me anything.

Advertisers / Operators:

I have great traffic across my portfolio and send a lot of clicks out to the major poker sites - and understand this makes my network of sites an attractive target for site operators and others involved in the industry. The use of the word 'major' was deliberate in that last sentence, since my policy is to avoid sending players to new, small or unknown poker sites. I understand it is tough for new programs to build up a critical mass of players, its just, well, I can not really help you. 

If you are from a larger or more established poker site then we could chat. I would need a good reason to switch from my established partners though, for example a token or special offer exclusively for SNG Planet / Bonus Club / Killer Holdem readers. I'm a little long in the tooth to want to go through the process of building up a player base over a number of years - if you come to me willing to discuss a media buy then the chances of a reply go way up.

If this sounds cynical and jaded then, well, thats because it is... 7 years full time in this industry has made me that way! I leave the door open for opportunities - but please, no silly mails about some unknown new room on a tiny network offering standard revenue share - you will simply be wasting you own time as well as mine.

If you still want to chat after reading the above, then mail me support@sngplanet.com

If you got to the end of this page and agree with my terms, then you are very welcome to continue reading, you can return to the Homepage here.